Worldwide travel and tourism will continue to grow faster than the global economy, with anticipated continued growth over the next ten years. As a result, the Hospitality industry – a key driver of economic growth overall – is also on a robust upward trajectory.

One of the greatest trends in this industry is the growing focus on unique and memorable guest experiences when traveling.  This is particularly driven by the millennial generation, the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry who will represent 50% of all travelers by 2025 and 50% of the global workforce sooner than that.

Furthermore, innovative technologies providing seamless connectivity on the go will be expected for all hospitality segments including food and beverage, hotels and travel/transportation. In addition to mobile reservation booking, check-in, and expense payment, online customer reviews on social sharing sites will continue to be a popular influence for leaders in the hospitality segment. Additionally, as more and more consumers seek eco-friendly initiatives, sustainable practices will also be an ongoing focus.

The greatest challenge is, supply cannot keep up with demand, creating higher prices and lesser availability. As such, hoteliers continue to focus on the invention of new brands to meet the ever-evolving guest preferences in varying customer segments. They are creating lifestyle lodging products designed to be more personalized, more social and provide enhanced data and mobile capabilities.  This focus is aimed at creating an overall guest experience that is customized, comfortable, connected and convenient.

As these pressures on service level standards continue to increase, Creative Group offers a unique collection of products and strategies necessary for motivating, engaging, educating and rewarding your audience.

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