Global Meetings & Events

Our approach is focused on creating the most engaging attendee experience, while ensuring your core messages are communicated effectively. We provide all the elements necessary to create a world-class experience.

We’re experts at human interaction.

Whether you are hosting 20, 200, or 20,000, launching a new product, hosting a national sales meeting, creating a special customer event, recognizing an achievement or arranging medical discovery meetings, Creative Group can help you create an experience that feels just right.

The benefits of face-to-face communication haven’t diminished in today’s technology-infused business world. In fact, Meetings Mean Business revealed that 92% of C-Suite executives plan to invest as much, if not more, in face-to-face meetings, conferences and other events as they did last year.

By utilizing an integrated and comprehensive approach to meeting management, we can help you develop customized meetings and events specifically designed to fit your special needs. We are experts at combining innovative technologies with personal attention to create a meaningful experience, while delivering a greater ROE – Return On Event. Simply put, we make it our business to help you build yours.

86% of C-Suite executives believe meetings help improve the bottom-line.

Different Meetings Fit Different Goals

Sales Meetings

Bringing together your sales team? Use the time effectively to unleash their potential, build their knowledge, recognize their achievements and allow time for collaboration. It may be mandatory for your sales team to attend, but that’s no reason for them not to want to attend. Our meeting professionals can help you define a strategy that will deliver results and design an experience to look forward to. From the right venue selection, to increasing engagement using our EventAPP™ mobile platform, to the effective use of networking, we deliver a meeting that reinvigorates performance.

Channel Partner Meetings

Too often when you work with a middleman to distribute your product or support your product, you end up competing for attention in a crowded space. Our team knows how to structure meetings that build relationships and motivate your channel partners. We work with you to offer programs that help your partners meet their goals of increasing sales and profits, whether it’s training, certification or strategic brainstorming. The right communication campaign can build momentum and anticipation so your strategic partners are lining up at your door and not across the street.

National Conferences

Whether you’re a North American based business or a global brand organized by product, function or geography, we can help you structure meetings to bring your team together. Ultimately, driving affinity to your brand. Experience the power of combining high-impact venues, interactivity, best-in-class speakers, big-name entertainment, mobile technology integration and community service projects to engage, motivate and connect to your audience.

Product Launches

The power of human interaction, product demonstrations and testimonials is second to none. New product innovations fuel business. You need to educate, train and motivate your employees, channel partners, the media and consumers to ensure success. We can help you win the marketplace.

Life Sciences Meetings

We have years of experience in the life sciences market working with healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. Our team has vast experience, both domestically and internationally, in managing speaker programs, advisory boards, consultant meetings, investigator meetings and sales training meetings. We also manage medical and scientific conference and symposia services. Beyond a provider of traditional meeting support, we understand the nuances of government guidelines specific to HCP reporting.


We create events to showcase YOUR business. We build opportunities to learn from the experts at the top of their game, network with industry peers, and experience product and service developments firsthand. From education via gamification, to instant surveys on our eventapp™, to hands-on workshops, we can help you showcase your brand in the best light.


Unique, “once in a lifetime” events can have a significant impact on promoting a product, service, cause or organization. From an anniversary celebration, to a celebrity golf tournament to a concert, we can help you create a standout event. One that will deliver a brand-focused impression, be remembered and create excitement.

In-House Services

We offer end-to-end solutions to meetings management. Our portfolio of services covers all aspects from sourcing and planning to post event evaluation, ensuring programs that surpass objectives. All necessary elements are managed in-house, from hotel sourcing to air travel to room gifts, providing a cohesive experience for planner and attendee alike.

  • Communication & Content Consultation
  • Strategic Sourcing & Contract Negotiations
  • Logistics Planning & Onsite Evaluation
  • Travel Services & Ground Transportation
  • Technology Support
  • Registration & Attendee Management
  • Mobile Technology
  • Budget Management & Reconciliation
  • Crisis Management
  • Program Measurement
  • Gifts & Amenities
  • Social Media Management
  • Supplier Management
Big Win

We helped employees at a new global company connect and build relationships that positively impacted their ongoing work together.

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Our Relationships Work for You

We have strong relationships with every major hotel chain, hundreds of independent properties, destination management companies worldwide, airline carriers, and transportation companies who share our commitment to service. These relationships, our industry influence and our volume of business afford us tremendous negotiating power. You are the beneficiary.

Our seasoned experts take pride in negotiating the best possible rates for hotels, meeting facilities and services, food and beverage, off site venues, activities and any other related services. Learn more about implementing a Strategic Meeting Management program (SMM) or improving your current one.

Success Story

“Creative Group’s connections within the industry transfer immense degrees of buying power that enable one to produce amazing global events. They also focus on relationships and build strong partnerships with their vendors. This is very unique in the industry.”

S.H. VP, Marketing

Supporting Tools

Learn more about our tools and applications that can enrich your experience and make reporting easier:

CreativeEDGE™ – Our proprietary end-to-end meeting management platform offers fully customizable registration and attendee management.

EventAPP™ – EventAPP mobile event technology manages meeting schedules, content sharing, and allows participants to interact real-time with the event.

Strategic Meeting Management – Are you looking for more visibility into your meeting and event spend? Would you like to see a better return on investment for your meeting dollar?

“The bar is raised every year and your team is certainly up for the task. This year was particularly challenging, managing across numerous hotels and staying on top of growing attendance. Your team did a great job on-site to support my team and we appreciate your efforts. Thank you again for your huge part in planning and executing another successful meeting!”


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